ICSA submission on the Agri-Taxation Review

ICSA Tax Consultation Thumbnail  In March, ICSA made its submission to the Department of Finance in response to the Agri-taxation Review consultation.

The purpose of this review is to analyse the benefits of the various tax measures to the agriculture sector and the wider economy versus the costs, i.e. value for money to the economy.

Submissions received by the Department will be considered in the context of Budget 2015, which will be brought forward this year into August.

It is ICSA’s position that the Irish tax regime with reference to agriculture should:

  • Incentivise hard work and entrepreneurial spirit;
  • Assist those who have invested in developing and expanding their farms;
  • Support efficient farm transfer between the generations without punitive capital taxes;
  • Feature VAT / excise duty / carbon tax that makes Irish agriculture more competitive and;
  • Encourage long term land leasing, farm partnerships, land consolidation and installation of young farmers
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      ICSA submission on the Rural Development Programme 2014-2020 Consultation Paper

      ICSA RD Sub Feb2014  ICSA made a submission in February to the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food in response to the 2014 – 2020 Rural Development Programme 2014 – 2020 consultation paper.

      The ICSA document sets out the association’s policy positions on a range of Rural Development issues across the 7 main aspects namely:

      1. Agri-Environment Climate Measures
      2. Areas of Natural Constraint
      3. On Farm Capital Investments
      4. Knowledge Transfer Measures
      5. Support for Collaborative and Quality Focused Measures
      6. Targeted Support
      7. LEADER

      Key overarching themes of ICSA’s submission relation to appropriate targeting of RD funds, simplification of application and record keeping, cost implication of capital measures, equitable division of sectoral budgets and focused measures for suckler and sheep farmers.

      ICSA expects to continue to lobby strongly in support of the drystock sector as part of RD negotiations through the course of 2014.

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          ICSA submission to EirGrid’s Stage 1 Report for the Grid Link project

          Gridlink Thumbnail  ICSA has submitted its consultation response to EirGrid’s Stage 1 Report for the Grid Link project. In principle, ICSA acknowledges the importance of reinforcing the national grid and of facilitating a more sustainable domestic energy supply through the development of renewable energy generation schemes. However, under consultation with its members, ICSA has noted that there are significant concerns amongst rural communities in relation to the extent and proposed technologies of the Grid Link project. ICSA wises to highlight the overall lack of reference made to farming in EirGrid’s report, particularly in the context of farming being the predominant land use along all of the proposed route corridors.

          In its submission, ICSA is strongly advocating that all parties involved in the Grid Link planning and design process take this opportunity to revisit the proposed engineering options, taking into account recent advances in technology which may more readily facilitate a more widely acceptable undergrounding solution. ICSA is additionally calling for a full Cost Benefit Analysis of the various engineering solutions. Furthermore, ICSA is advocating more comprehensive assessment and more balanced communication of potential impacts to rural society and the agricultural landscape.

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