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Feb 17, 2017 | Press Releases | 0 comments

15 FEBRUARY 2017

ICSA president Patrick Kent has expressed grave disappointment at the European Parliament vote in favour of the CETA deal. Mr Kent said “Beef will be the big loser with 50,000 tonnes of ultra cheap Canadian beef coming into the European market. This will primarily comprise prime cuts from a large number of animals which will undermine our market for high quality beef cuts. All of this is even further complicated by the uncertainty around Brexit and the potential for further trade deals between UK and Canada and South America.”

“This deal will be disastrous for beef as was comprehensively outlined in the study Cumulative Impact of Future Trade Deals on EU Agriculture published in late 2016.”

“ICSA has consistently stood against the detrimental trade deals being negotiated by the EU Commission because we have always said that the impact offers absolutely no positives whatsoever for our livestock sector. ICSA is the only farm organisation to be 100% against trade deal sell outs because our members carry all the costs.”


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