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Bull Beef & Quality Assurance Must be Priorities at Beef Roundtable

Feb 4, 2015 | Press Releases | 0 comments

February 4th 2015

ICSA president Patrick Kent has said that today’s beef roundtable meeting must focus on bull beef specifications and unresolved quality assurance issues.

“ICSA wants to see agreement today on realistic age and weight specifications for bull beef,” said Mr. Kent. “It has become quite clear recently that factories can ignore so-called market requirements when it suits them, proving that the restrictions that have been imposed on farmers over the past fourteen months are completely arbitrary, as ICSA has long argued.”

“We also want to see a resolution of outstanding quality assurance issues, including the abandonment of the 30-month limit, the relaxation of the requirements on residencies and movements which have severely hampered the mart trade and the introduction of an 18-month lead-in period before any changes in age limits or weights are imposed in the future.”

“ICSA would also like to see flat-rate payments explored as an option for farmers,” concluded Mr. Kent.

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