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Mar 5, 2018 | Press Releases | 0 comments

2 MARCH 2018 

ICSA rural development chair Seamus Sherlock has urged farmers to take extra care when tending to stock in the treacherous blizzard conditions that have hit the country. “There is a high risk of slips and falls which can lead to serious injury. The problem is that while everybody knows this, farmers can have an accident in a split second due to a momentary loss of concentration.

This is all the more likely when farmers are under pressure to care for livestock with problems like frozen water supplies, burst pipes, tractors not starting and young calves and lambs particularly vulnerable to chills. In addition, this is the peak season on many farms for calving and lambing which means long hours and pressure to get everything done.

Farmers need to make sure to have a fully charged phone with them at all times and need to ensure that family members know where they are at all times. A fall could incapacitate and the risk of hypothermia could create very serious situation. Farmers are especially at risk because many work alone in isolated places.”

Mr Sherlock also urged farmers to look out for their neighbours especially the elderly and those living alone.


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