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ICSA Calls for Immediate Meeting of Beef Forum on 30-Month Issue

Jun 3, 2015 | Press Releases | 0 comments

3rd June 2015

ICSA beef chairman Edmond Phelan has called for an immediate meeting of the beef forum to discuss price discrimination on cattle over 30 months, given the news today that Ireland has been recognised by the World Animal Health Organisation as a country with a negligible risk of BSE.

“In the light of today’s announcement, any effort to retain the 30-month limit or anything close to it will now be seen for what it is – an attempted rip-off of farmers by meat processors and retailers,” stated Mr. Phelan.

“ICSA has repeatedly called for an end to these historical BSE-related restrictions, which had already far outlived their usefulness, and today’s announcement means that there can be no further meaningful justification to discount cattle over 30 months in age.”

“The announcement also looks set to improve the profit margins of meat processors – according to the Minister, the reduction in materials to be disposed of as SRMs will be worth in the region of €25m per annum to the meat processing sector. The benefit of this adjustment must be felt in the beef price paid to farmers,” insisted Mr. Phelan.

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