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ICSA Calls for Updated Terms & Conditions for Live Export of Sheep

May 19, 2015 | Press Releases | 0 comments

May 19th 2015

ICSA sheep chairman John Brooks has called on Minister Coveney and the European Commission to update the terms and conditions for the live export of sheep.

“The current live export terms and conditions pre-date the sophisticated electronic tagging system which is now well-established in Ireland, and need to be updated to take account of this,” said Mr. Brooks.

“The rules presently state that sheep purchased in a livestock sale have to reside in the live exporters’ holding for a minimum of 30 days before they are eligible for export to an EU feedlot. Live exporters simply cannot do business in a volatile market 30-plus days in advance.”

“We in ICSA feel that the terms and conditions for the live export of sheep should be similar to those for exporting calves. Calves purchased in a livestock mart by a live exporter can be brought to a Department-approved holding year on the date of purchase, and if deemed fit to travel by a vet, can be exported immediately.”

“Over 80% of sheep produced in Ireland have to be exported,” continued Mr. Brooks. “Easy access to live exports is vital to provide much needed competition in the market place. It is imperative that Minister Coveney and the European Commission give this issue the urgent attention it requires.”

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ICSA president Dermot Kelleher has said ICBF have gone too far with their changes to the beef breeding indexes regarding pedigree bulls. Commenting on the changes which came into effect this week Mr Kelleher said, “ICSA met with ICBF back in early November where we were reassured that no drastic changes would be made; this has turned out to be far from the case however. The changes are proving to have considerable ramifications for farmers participating in the SCEP scheme and indeed for the future of the suckler sector as a whole,” he said.

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