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ICSA calls for review of all levies

Aug 25, 2016 | ICSA in the Media | 0 comments


  • File photo: ICSA president Patrick Kent leads a protest against Mercosur trade talks in Dublin last May.
    File photo: ICSA president Patrick Kent leads a protest against Mercosur trade talks in Dublin last May.

Following the row between ABP and the IFA over the collection of the EIF levy, the Irish Cattle and Sheep Farmers’ Association (ICSA) has renewed its calls for all farmer levies to be re-examined. 

“Farmers are under severe income pressure and deductions from factory cheques add up to a considerable sum,” ICSA president Patrick Kent said in a statement on Thursday. “Overall, we are talking about tens of millions of euros taken from farmers at a time when the farmer is the only one making nothing out of the agri-food sector.”

Kent questioned the legality of the EIF levy, which is collected by most milk, grain and livestock processors from farmers unless they request to opt out.

He also called for a review of statutory levies such as the one funding Bord Bia. “Why should farmers pay for marketing a product that they do not own? No other industry operates on this basis, so how come we are stuck with these bills?” he asked.

The ICSA is calling for a review to examine the justification, fairness and value for money of all levies.

Kent added that the ICSA receives no funding from any levies.

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ICSA president Sean McNamara has said the decision by the EU Council of Environment ministers to pass the Nature Restoration Law (NRL) today will cause serious unease amongst many Irish farmers. “As it stands, we have no clarity around how this law will be implemented in Ireland and what the consequences will be, especially for those on peaty soils. It is yet another example of an initiative being imposed on farmers that is heavy on targets and light on how those targets will be met or how they will be funded,” he said.

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