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ICSA “extremely disappointed” at efforts to cut beef price

Jul 5, 2013 | Press Releases | 0 comments

5th July, 2013

The Irish Cattle and Sheep Farmers’ Association says it is extremely disappointed at attempts by meat processors to cut the price of beef this week.

ICSA beef committee chair, Edmond Phelan, says that the factories are trying to pull prices by about 10c/kg – a move he describes as “cynical”. “As a result of the disastrous weather last year and for the first part of this year, there are a lot of stores on the market and prices are weak. However, the only thing keeping store prices from collapsing altogether is the relatively good price beef finishers are getting. If the beef price drops then I foresee huge problems for the suckler industry as a direct result.”

Mr Phelan concluded, “We are constantly pushing factories to commit to paying beef producers a margin that is sustainable in the long-term. Cynical price-lowering tactics like this are no good for the industry in the long run and do nothing to improve the relationship between producers and processors. Bargain hard and seek out the best quote would be the advice I would give to all beef farmers.”

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