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ICSA Reiterates Opposition to Overhead Power Lines

Mar 27, 2015 | Press Releases | 0 comments

27th March 2015

ICSA rural development chairman Billy Gray has reiterated the association’s view that power lines for EirGrid’s proposed North South, Grid Link and Grid West projects must go underground.

“We do not accept EirGrid’s position on the North South project,” said Mr. Gray. “If undergrounding can be considered for Grid Link and Grid West, then it should also be an option for the North South interconnector. Farmers are adamant that new power lines should not and need not be overhead.”

“There are many advantages to undergrounding of power lines, including lower transmission losses, lower maintenance costs and less risk of weather damage. They also require narrower bands of land for installation and result in fewer accidents such as live wire contact injuries. ICSA is calling on EirGrid to reverse its position on the North South project and to actively consider underground options for all future expansion projects.”

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ICSA Beef chair Edmund Graham has called on the new Food Regulator to pay special attention to the takeover of Kildare Chilling by Dawn Meats which he said has devastating implications for competition for both beef and lamb. “Farmers have lost all faith in the CCPC which has nodded through this takeover. The reality is that a factory that many farmers depended on to sell cattle and lambs at a fair price is now under the control of one of the big two. This will not be a good outcome for farmers.”

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