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ICSA Stands with Farmers making Genuine Efforts with Banks

Jun 24, 2016 | ICSA in the Media | 0 comments


ICSA rural development chairman Seamus Sherlock has applauded an ICSA motion of support for farmers suffering the consequences of financial debt. The motion was passed unanimously by the association’s National Executive at their meeting in Portlaoise last evening.

The motion states that “ICSA supports the principle that any farmer making a genuine effort to deal with their indebtedness, should not face eviction from their family farm.”

Mr Sherlock continued “ICSA stands for negotiated workable solutions to farm debt, and strenuously opposes any efforts to sell off the family farm, over the heads of any farmer trying to find a pragmatic solution. Repossession of family farms not only takes away the land, and the family home but often removes the only source of family income.

“This course of action benefits no one, and often state agencies are left to pick up the pieces. These include financial support, health support and often psychological support.

“We are dealing with a legacy whereby farmers who may have received bad financial advice in the past are now dealing with the consequences. Farming families must be given the opportunity to manage their debt over a longer period of time if necessary.

“As custodians of the land, sometimes spanning generations, ICSA stands with those farmers making genuine efforts to meet their commitments and we believe they should be facilitated,” concluded Mr Sherlock.

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ICSA president Sean McNamara has said the decision by the EU Council of Environment ministers to pass the Nature Restoration Law (NRL) today will cause serious unease amongst many Irish farmers. “As it stands, we have no clarity around how this law will be implemented in Ireland and what the consequences will be, especially for those on peaty soils. It is yet another example of an initiative being imposed on farmers that is heavy on targets and light on how those targets will be met or how they will be funded,” he said.

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