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ICSA Submission On The Agri-Taxation Review

Aug 10, 2014 | Policy Submission, Policy Submissions | 0 comments

In March, ICSA made its submission to the Department of Finance in response to the Agri-taxation Review consultation.
The purpose of this review is to analyse the benefits of the various tax measures to the agriculture sector and the wider economy versus the costs, i.e. value for money to the economy.

Submissions received by the Department will be considered in the context of Budget 2015, which will be brought forward this year into August.

It is ICSA’s position that the Irish tax regime with reference to agriculture should:

  • Incentivise hard work and entrepreneurial spirit;
  • Assist those who have invested in developing and expanding their farms;
  • Support efficient farm transfer between the generations without punitive capital taxes;
  • Feature VAT / excise duty / carbon tax that makes Irish agriculture more competitive and;
  • Encourage long term land leasing, farm partnerships, land consolidation and installation of young farmers
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