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ICSA Membership is €125 per annum
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Data Tag & Cesar

We are delighted to introduce a great new member benefit from the good people at OSR Ireland. ICSA members can avail of a 10% discount off DATATAG and Cesar Asset Marking System.

At DataTag we offer a multi layered security marking system for machines and equipment which makes it firstly, less likely to be stolen because of the visible DataTag logo and if it is stolen it will make it a lot easier to find the owner due to our UV etching, Glass Transponders and Electronic DNA. These elements combined makes us the most comprehensive security marking kit on the market. We offer tailored kits for a variety of different applications such as;

  • Car System
  • Trailer System
  • 4×4 System
  • Motorcycle System
  • Scooter System
  • Home Marking System
  • Outboard Motor System
  • Competition/race vehicle system
  • Boat System
  • Cycle System
  • Power Tool System
  • Boiler System
  • Antiques System
  • Bicycle System
  • Saddle System
  • Tack Room System
  • Plus many more applications


All kits vary in cost and all have different levels of marking included. Our customers information is kept in our Thatcham approved data centre in the UK and is accessible by Gardai 24hrs a day. A lot of our systems use UV etching technology so the ID number can be easily read using any UV torch. We also use glass transponders (which are the size of a grain of rice) which can be read with special scanners which are expected to be rolled out next year to Garda stations nationwide.

Call Ger on 086 8956614 or email him on ger.osrireland@gmail.com