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Dec 3, 2019 | Latest News, Press Releases | 0 comments


ICSA president Edmond Phelan has said momentum is shifting towards a beef price increase in the wake of today’s Beef Markets Taskforce meeting. Mr Phelan said, “The pressure on processors to move on price is unrelenting and justifiably so. Farmers who are not under pressure because of age limits should be holding out for a price rise as it is unlikely this pressure can be withstood.”

Continuing Mr Phelan said, “Pushing for an immediate price increase was top of the agenda for ICSA today. Prices are way back from where they should be and there is no justification for it. Irish prices are back on UK prices and back on EU prices and are now even on a par with Brazilian prices. Bord Bia’s Beef Price index clearly shows UK and EU prices are on an upward curve whereas our prices have flatlined at best. This is totally unacceptable. There is also a massive Chinese demand for animal protein as a consequence of African Swine Fever (ASF). We know global demand is pushing prices in a positive direction and Irish farmers will not sit back and accept crumbs from the table.”

At today’s meeting ICSA also called for a new BEAM scheme to be introduced for beef farmers, “Lessons must be learned from the first incarnation of this scheme and we must ensure the entirety of the funds allocated are channelled to where they need to go in future.”

Mr Phelan stressed the importance of the live export market and said, “No roadblocks should be allowed to hinder this vital outlet to farmers.”


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