Farmers and factories need to tackle fluke – ICSA

2nd December, 2011

Irish Cattle and Sheep Farmers’ Association (ICSA), sheep chairman, Paul Brady, has said that due extremely wet weather conditions presently, farmers need to be proactive with tackling liver fluke and factories need to provide liver reports on slaughtered sheep to help stem the spread of fluke.

“The wet weather we are experiencing at the minute is prime conditions for the spread of liver fluke. Farmers need to dose for liver fluke as well as dipping within the set out timeframe. If fluke goes undetected in a flock it could have enormous financial consequences for the farmer,” Mr. Brady said.

“Liver fluke is a danger to the stock and by factories providing an accurate liver report from their vet it could mean the targeted and strategic eradication of it from a flock. The onus is on both the farmer, through good husbandry to ensure a fluke free flock but the factories can also aid this process by providing accurate reports on the slaughtered animals’ liver,” Mr. Brady concluded.