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Mar 27, 2018 | Press Releases | 0 comments

23 MARCH 2018

ICSA beef chairman Edmund Graham has said unworkable weight limits could be back on the horizon following reports of cuts being imposed on weights exceeding 380kg. Commenting Mr Graham said, “We are aware of at least one factory only paying up to 380kg and cutting 10c for every 20kg thereafter. This is very disconcerting and the worry would be of the practice becoming more widespread.”

“This is unacceptable for farmers breeding quality suckler cattle, particularly at a time when the suckler sector needs all the support it can get. Indeed, this move by factories could potentially lead to questions regarding the merit of supporting suckler farmers at all, if quality continental suckler cattle can’t maximise their potential.”

“Beef is relatively scarce at present and factories are anxious for cattle, yet still we are seeing heavy handed weight limits being imposed. These kind of weight limits are totally unworkable for continental bred sucklers and will also take away any chance of the beef finisher making a margin.”


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