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Dec 18, 2020 | Latest News, Press Releases | 0 comments

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18 DECEMBER 2020

ICSA Animal Health & Welfare chair Hugh Farrell has said that the TB strategy won’t succeed unless it is on the basis of mutual co-operation and fair play for all farmers. “ICSA has engaged with the TB Forum from the start on the basis that we are all in this together. A minority of farmers cannot be sacrificed and that’s why ICSA is insisting on fair compensation in all cases. There are a wide range of representatives on the TB Forum but the key stakeholders are farmers and this must never be forgotten.”

“While there is agreement on the need to eradicate TB, ICSA continues to insist that the programme must be funded adequately and it will be up to the Minister to step up to the plate on this. ICSA believes that the setting up of implementation groups can help but we will not accept farmer representative exclusion from the groups. Farm organisations can bring expert insights to these and it will be vital that their deliberations are informed by practical and real understanding of the issues.”

“ICSA is insisting that all reactors are removed within seven days and that the first herd test following a breakdown can take place sixty days after the reactor is discovered rather than removed because the farmer has no control over this. We will also be insisting that the issues with wildlife are dealt with in a comprehensive manner and it is not good enough to turn a blind eye to the role of deer.”


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