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TTIP Report a Wake-up Call for Beef Sector

Mar 27, 2015 | Press Releases | 0 comments

27th March 2015

ICSA president Patrick Kent has said that the report launched today on the impact in Ireland of the proposed TTIP agreement is a wake-up call for all involved.

“According to this report, the beef industry stands to lose between €25 and €50 million a year due to increased competition from the US. It is completely intolerable that the beef sector would be hung out to dry for the benefit of other sectors, and ICSA will not accept this.”

“The spin on this, of course, is that the agreement would benefit the Irish economy overall, but is that justification for sacrificing any one sector? We are now calling on Minister Bruton and Commissioner Malmström to guarantee that the beef sector will be protected under the proposed agreement.”

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