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Nov 5, 2018 | Latest News, Press Releases | 0 comments


ICSA President Patrick Kent has welcomed an update from Minister of State for the Office of Public Works and Flood Relief, Kevin ‘Boxer’ Moran, on measures to alleviate the risk of flooding in the River Shannon region. Commenting Mr Kent said, “Efficient movement of the River Shannon is the key to reducing the risk of flooding. For too many years we have been witnessing the devastation caused by poor management of this vitally important waterway.”

Minister Moran was in Leitrim today where he discussed arrangements for the advancement of flood relief schemes in the county as well as other initiatives to better manage flood risk on the Shannon. The minister added that he, along with Leitrim County Council, had mapped a way forward for the advancement of flood relief schemes in the county and that funding of approximately €9 million will be provided by the Office of Public Works (OPW) for the capital cost of the schemes.

Continuing Mr Kent said, “Homes and livelihoods have been literally been washed away as report after report piled up on managing the River Shannon. This reassurance by the minister that the necessary works might finally get up and running is welcome news indeed. It was also pointed out that targeted maintenance in the form of dredging and the removal of debris is underway, or has been completed, at three locations along the Shannon. I would urge that these efforts be expanded and that the targeting of pinchpoints should now be given priority. We should not have to wait for additional reports from consultants for this to happen.”


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