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Cattle and Sheep Prices 5 December 2023

Dec 7, 2023 | Livestock Prices | 0 comments

Cattle Prices

uparrow Steers €4.80-€4.90/kg
uparrow Heifers €4.90-€5.00/kg
uparrow Bulls (U&R -16mts) €4.80-€4.85/kg uparrow Bulls (-24mts) €5.00/kg (U); €4.90/kg (R)
nochange Cows €4.40-€4.50/kg (U); €4.30/kg (R); €4.20/kg (O);

Sheep Prices

nochange Spring Lamb €6.50-€6.60/kg up to 22.5kg nochange Ewes €2.60-€2.90/kg

uparrow Up downarrow Down nochange No Change

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