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Cattle and Sheep Prices (July 6 2021)

Jul 6, 2021 | Livestock Prices | 0 comments

Cattle Prices 06 July 2021

 Steers €4.15-€4.25/kg
 Heifers €4.40/kg
 Bulls €4.20/kg (U&R U16 mts) €4.30/kg (U&R O16 mts)
 Cows €3.95(U)/kg €3.85(R)/kg €3.65(O)/kg €3.40(P)/kg

*Talks of higher prices available for steers – deals to be done with some factories. Mart prices very good for heavy cattle, consider using them instead of selling directly to the factory.

Cattle Prices 06 July 2021

 Spring Lamb €6.50-€6.60/kg up to 21kg
 Ewes €3.30-€3.50/kg

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