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The ICSA Vision

The Irish Cattle and Sheep Farmers’ Association emerged as a farming lobby group, specifically for cattle and sheep farmers following the 1992 MacSharry Reform of the CAP.

Our Mission

ICSA aims to represent our members in striving for equality for all farmers, freedom from bureaucracy and opportunity to farm.

Our Vision

ICSA is unique amongst Irish farming organisations in that it exclusively represents the voice of drystock farmers. Such a tight focus allows the ICSA to most efficiently identify and respond to the key issues concerning the beef and lamb sectors. ICSA also aims to represent the views of Ireland’s rural communities, of which agriculture forms a key part.

As Part Of This Vision, ICSA Aspires To Deliver:

Common Agricultural Policy

Key ICSA Demands

        • €300/hd per suckler cow
        • €35/hd per breeding ewe
        • €100/hd beef carbon efficiency payment
        • Young Farmers – 25% top-up for young farmers under variable suckler and ewe coupled payments
        • Retirement Scheme for Intergenerational Transfer – an early retirement scheme for those aged 55 and over amounting to €100/cow for 5 years
        • €15,000 Agri-Environment Scheme

          Key ICSA Principles

          • Fairness for lower income sectors
          • Delivering on green agenda
          • No capping on suckler herd
          • Focus on supporting active farmers
          • Opposed to membership of Bord Bia Quality Assurance Scheme being linked to CAP payment

Product & Marketing

  • fair share of final consumer price for farmers
  • Regulation of the Food Supply Chain and more transparency on retailer margins
  • Greater emphasis on clean, green image of Irish food and development of marketing strategy based on that image
  • Emphasis on developing premium export markets and differentiation of Irish product in order to return a viable price to Irish producers
  • Full labelling across Europe to give consumers comprehensive information on country of origin, methods of production (e.g. grass reared) and levels of traceability
  • Retain GM-free status in terms of crops grown as part of a strategy to develop Ireland’s clean, green image

Taxation & Budget

  • A taxation regime that doesn’t disincentivise hard work and entrepreneurial spirit
  • A taxation regime that assists those who have invested in developing and expanding their farms
  • Support for efficient farm transfer between the generations without punitive capital taxes
  • A VAT / excise duty / carbon tax regime that makes Irish agriculture more competitive not less
  • Support for pro-active tax measures to encourage long term land leasing, farm partnerships, land consolidation and installation of young farmers
  • Government commitment to providing matched exchequer funds to ensure maximum draw down of EU rural development funding and other supports

Animal Health & Welfare

  • Strong support for live animal exports which reward high quality suckler farm systems
  • Provision of workable solutions contributing to the eradication of Bovine TB in Ireland
  • Enhanced resources for Animal Health Ireland programmes tackling BVD, IBR, Johnes Disease and other costly infections
  • Continuation and expansion of government-funded livestock welfare programmes.

Rural Development

  • Societal and governmental recognition that agriculture is central to economically vibrant rural communities
  • Acceptance that alternative enterprises must be supported
  • Acknowledgement of the role of tourism in rural Ireland and its role in increasing national prosperity
  • Balanced regional development via increased air access, in tandem with improved public services through enhanced rural transport and better roads
  • Proper broadband infrastructure in all communities
  • Provision of educational opportunities to all, ranging from provision of training at local level, to adequate places at agricultural college and third level grant aid being determined by income criteria only
  • Respect for our elder citizens through well-resourced community care plans, outreach programmes and a non-discriminatory nursing home support scheme


  • Incentivising and encouragement of anaerobic digesters by means of realistic refit tariffs
  • Inclusion of biofuels as part of Ireland’s renewable energy strategy

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