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Nov 28, 2019 | Latest News, Press Releases | 0 comments

27 NOVEMBER 2019

ICSA beef chair Edmund Graham has said he is baffled that ABP, through Meat Industry Ireland (MII), should bring allegations of death threats to the attention of the Ministers for Agriculture and Justice yet apparently haven’t considered them serious enough to bring to the attention of the Gardaí. “It is unusual for the Minister for Agriculture and the Minister for Justice to be dealing with any alleged threat, particularly a death threat, when the Gardaí have not even been informed,” he said.

“ICSA has fought hard to deliver increased levels of fairness and transparency to the beef sector, and the mechanism to do this is the Beef Sector Agreement together with the establishment of the Beef Markets Taskforce. We can only conclude that others, namely the meat industry and it’s representative body, do not share that same passion for delivering fairness and transparency to the beef farmers of Ireland and are engaging in efforts to thwart the process.”

“It is now incumbent on the Government to bring to bear whatever pressure is necessary to ensure this charade comes to an end.”


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