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Mar 16, 2020 | Latest News, Press Releases | 0 comments

 16 MARCH 2020

ICSA beef chair Edmund Graham has said beef processors should be holding or increasing their prices at this time and that there is no justification for price cuts. “Factories must not use COVID-19 as an excuse to drive down prices. The evidence of recent days shows there is hyped up demand for all sorts of products, and beef shouldn’t be any different. ICSA will not tolerate primary producers taking the hit again,” he said.

Continuing Mr Graham said, “Demand is remaining steady, if not increasing, as consumers prepare for all eventualities during the on-going Coronavirus situation. ICSA would urge consumers to think and buy locally and make every effort to support Irish farmers. To this end, we would advise consumers to rigorously check country of origin for all food products, particularly in light of concerns that some retailers are stocking chicken and chicken derived products sourced in China. At a time like this we all have to stand together and keep the Irish economy going.”

“Consumers have a bewildering variety of food from all over the world and at present they should be very clear about the origin of every food item. Supermarkets need to explain why they need to sell chicken from China when Ireland has abundant quantities of fully traceable, quality assured meats,” he said.


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