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What are we fighting for?

Aug 4, 2012 | Uncategorised | 0 comments

·         CAP Reform:

o   ICSA was the organisation that delivered the Single Farm Payment, worth €1.3 billion every year to Irish farmers.  Now you can rely on us to fight to retain the maximum possible decoupled SFP envelope

·         Direct Supports:

o   Fighting for agri-environment scheme options for Irish farmers

o   Continuing to fight for a reversal of unfair budget cuts on farmers, especially suckler cow welfare scheme, fallen animals collection scheme, installation aid, disadvantaged area payment and early retirement scheme

o   Less beaurocracy and red tape

·         Cattle:

o   Campaigning for partnership between meat factories and beef farmers, to achieve a long-term sustainable margin for the producers

o   Fighting to ensure beef prices do not fall below €4/kg

o   Better bonuses for high quality, suckler herd type beef, in line with what farmers get in those countries where we market our beef

o   Protection of our valuable live exports and lobbying for the opening up of new live export markets

o   Challenging all deductions from your factory cheques

·         Sheep:

o   We have achieved delivery of a reasonable aid package for sheep farmers which will require minimal paperwork

o   Advocating flexibility in the application of electronic tagging rules in Ireland without significantly increasing cost or beaurocracy for farmers

·         Young farmers:

o   Campaigning for targeted, decent payments for active, young farmers under the new CAP

o   New opportunities for the next generation of young farmers to get into and expand in dairying, even on farms where this has not been a traditional enterprise

·         Environment & Energy:

o   Exploring opportunities under alternative energies such as anaerobic digestion

o   Prioritising the development of the clean, green image of Ireland as the key to selling more beef and lamb to high-priced, international retail markets

·         Third Level Education:

o   Fighting against any move to include capital assets in the means test for higher education grants

·         Nursing Home Care:

o   Fighting against the unfair provisions of the ‘Fair Deal’ Nursing Home Scheme which discriminates against farmers and could result in the State taking 50% of the family farm in the case of a farmer who requires 10 years nursing home care under the scheme

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