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Nov 25, 2022 | Latest News, Press Releases | 0 comments

ICSA Organics chair Fergal Byrne has reminded farmers currently in the Organics Scheme to re-apply for the scheme as their contracts will not automatically roll over into next year. “Existing Organics Scheme participants will have had their contracts roll over for the last two years but that will not happen again. All organics contracts will come to an end on 31 December 2022.”

Mr Byrne said, “The closing date for applications is Friday 9 December. This is not just an important date for those applying for the Organics Scheme for the first time, it is an important date for those already in the scheme and wishing to continue for the duration of the next CAP. Applications can be submitted with relative ease through the Ag Food portal or with the help of an advisor.”

Mr Byrne encouraged all farmers to consider the option of switching to organics if possible. “There has been significant investment in the scheme and drystock farmers opting to switch can receive €300/ha for up to 70ha in year one and two of converting. They will also receive an annual participation payment of €2,000 in the first year and €1,400 per year thereafter. Fully converted farmers are eligible to receive €250/ha as well as the annual participation payment.” 


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